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With over 800 thousand dynamic customers, Facebook has become essential to the marketing initiatives of companies small and big. And as the typical Facebook user is linked with roughly 80 group pages, categories or events, you can possibly arrive at a large number of new customers by using an effective social networking technique. To help you achieve this, we’ll demonstrate to you the steps of creating a Facebook page for your company and also offer some recommendations for building your fan platform. Over time, you’re sure to see growth in terms of overall recognition of your company, eventually resulting in improved sales.

Create your Facebook Page

Setting up your Facebook business page is easy and effortless. Just follow our steps below and you’ll be up and working in no time.

        1. Click here to create a page

        2. Select “Company, Organization or Institution” unless another choice such as “Local            Business or Place” or “Brand or Product” is a better fit for your type of business.

·         3. Enter a category and the name of your company.

·         4. Check your e-mail for a confirmation from Facebook. Click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your account.

·         5. Navigate to your page and click either “Get Started” or “Edit page” to begin creating your page. You’ll want to input basic information such as contact information and a description for your business as well as set permissions that will control who can view and post on your wall.

·         6. Upload a photograph of your logo, or another image that represents your business appropriately.

·         7. When your page is complete, make sure that the “Unpublish page” box under “Manage Permissions” is unchecked so that users will be able to find and view your page.

·         8. As with any product or service, it is a good idea to read Facebook’s terms and conditions before getting started.


Generate your Fan Base

Once you built your Facebook business web page, you want to begin setting up your fan platform by gaining both potential and current clients. There are various ways you can propagate the word about your Facebook existence, such as: putting up signals in your business (if you have one), inserting updates on clients accounts and statements, publishing a link on your site’s webpage, submitting email announcements, and developing advertising/promotional components. As you start to socialize with your followers, your web page will obviously expand. To speed up recognition of your web page and entice even more new clients, you may choose to pay for focused Facebook ads.

Socialize with your fans

After you start to create a fan platform, you can connect to them through experiences, product insights, special offers, event bulletins, and other appropriate facts and data, as well as get reviews that will help boost your business. So long as you keep publishing useful and interesting content, recognition of your Facebook page and your company will start to multiply throughout your clients’ social networking sites.

As you’re getting started, we suggest publishing on your Facebook page at least three times a week to keep your pals involved. To make your content stand out in users’ information feeds, try publishing powerful pics/images and videos. Most of all, when a fan posts a question or thoughts, be certain to reply properly and adequately and ask other fans to chime in whenever possible. These activities will help bolster current client connections and create new ones with prospective audience.

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