What is Domain?

Domain is an identification of your website in the internet usually begins with www (world wide web). Examples of these are google.com, yahoo.com, affordablewebsites.com etc…Actually there are other types of domain extensions. Other than .com are .net, .org etc…

Creating a domain is required and needed because it’s how the website will get a name. This is where the site will be commencing online and future touches like promotion and advertising will all commence on the domain. We know identity is the first thing to be known and that’s is what we are referring here.

Tips on creating a domain

The domain name must be SEO friendly or should be a strong keyword like so that when applying optimization, it has a little advantage to gain ranks on search engines.

To sign up on domain registration, Click this link or go to this site: http://www.HostingIsSoEasy.com.

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